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Mind-Body Healing Center

Who We Are

The Mind-Body Healing Center in Santa Monica, California, is a holistic wellness center that combines traditional psychotherapy with body awareness training and alternative treatments to treat mental health issues in this modern era. By stressing focus, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, we empower YOU with techniques aimed at creating lasting change to improve and control your life, relationships and future.

At the Mind-Body Healing Center, we help you improve the quality of your life by gaining insight into the deeper issues that are holding you back. Our practice is collaborative, engaging, warm and straightforward. With our approach, you’ll experience lasting change.

Together, we’ll explore how your mind processes your life… how to sync your mind and body so they are moving as one… and how to integrate them so that you’re empowered… healed… and living a better, happier, healthier and more productive life! The life you deserve!

Who is a typical Mind-Body Healing Center patient?

You’re self-aware, creative, accomplished… but there’s just “something” holding you back… there’s something missing in your life. Maybe you’ve worked hard to achieve career goals, yet you’re still unfulfilled and feel like there’s more out there. Or, perhaps you enjoy what you’re doing, but you feel like you’ve NOT yet found your purpose.

And, that “something” that’s holding you back is the psychological, emotional and physiological awareness of patterns that you may be stuck in, that could relate to your past, to trauma or to certain relationships.

The solution may be as simple as helping you become more aware of these patterns preventing you from achieving your purpose – or the next stage of your life. You may need to look backwards to see where you’re stuck… AND, then, you’ll benefit from looking forward, to see what it’ll look like when you’re free of these limiting patterns.

Can you break the triggers to move on and achieve more with your life?

Simply put “YES.” But it takes some work. And, Mind-Body Healing Center is here to help you achieve the life you always dreamed of… or even the life you didn’t know was possible.  Therapy works by desensitizing triggering memories, traumas, inner stories or narratives, so you can cultivate more resiliency and resources to process and feel through your life with focus, calm, nourishment and inner support.  


Services Mind-Body Healing Center offers:


"I cannot recommend Jordan's groups and private sessions enough. His teachings and techniques will stay with me forever." - Nora


“I have been working with Jordan for a few months and have made so much more progress then I could have imagined!” - K.B.


"Working with Jordan has been unlike any other experience I’ve ever had....These days, the future excites me. I look forward to seeing how I will continue to evolve, thanks to Jordan’s support." - A.O.



Mind-Body Healing Center’s Unique Approach to Wellness

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