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The Mind-Body Healing Center located in Santa Monica, California, is a wellness center for Somatic Psychotherapy practices. Somatic Therapy involves a combination of Psychotherapy with an integrated mind-body-spirit connection as opposed to just conventional talk therapy.

Are You a Therapist, Psychologist, Doctor, Coach, Teacher or Other Clinician?
Mind-Body Healing Center’s Somatic Therapy Training for practicing Clinicians and Healing Professionals is an innovative program of understanding, healing, connection, transformation and growth. We’ll guide you through learning our unique methods for achieving substantial change… and for getting back on track with your clients/patients. You’ll revitalize your practice and yourself by using our PROVEN mind-body Somatic methods designed to help your clients, your patients and YOU!

Are You a Business Owner?
Mind-Body Healing Center trains Business Owners like you striving to up your game… get your employees back on track as a cohesive team and substantially increase your company profits.

Are You an Individual OR Couple?
Mind-Body Healing Center works with Individuals like you ready to address your deeper issues… to heal and transform your lives.  And, Couples  feeling out of sorts with your relationship that’s no longer working… struggling to mend your broken pieces. We’re here to help you heal.


Somatic Therapy Trainings for Healing Professionals

Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll learn the methods of embodying Somatic Therapy rather than simply moving your clients through the talk-therapy motions. Somatic Therapy Training is the most popular Mind-Body Healing Center service. It’s a program of understanding, transformation, growth and revitalization taught for practicing Therapists, Psychologists, Doctors, Coaches, Teachers, and Other Clinicians. Heal your clients/patients and yourself.

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Business Consulting

Mind-Body Healing Center offers an incredible opportunity to apply Somatic practices inside your work environment. You’ve done the work to become successful. You’re an established business owner striving to bring safe and healthy practices, boundaries, and communication to your workplace. Now, it’s time to go deeper and prioritize your work family as much as the systems within your business.

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Mind-Body Healing Center’s highly-successful 3-month Protocol Package is your best option for the most productive Individual therapy work. This 1:1 individual therapy is for those of you ready to discover your negative patterns and begin working through them using Somatic approaches. If you’re interested, you can apply for a consultation call.

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Mind-Body Healing Center will help you develop a more comprehensive way to identify negative patterns within relationships and begin moving away from your toxic behaviors. Roll up your sleeves and come prepared to work. Come as you are and stand accountable while we help you develop your healing journey.

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Jordan Marks, MA, MFT

Principal Therapist, Founder

Jordan Marks, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters in Counseling, is the founder of Mind-Body Healing Center and the Principal Therapist. He has extensive training and experience in Somatic Psychotherapy, Integrative Mental Health Practices, Mind-Body Medicine, Couples Counseling, AEDP Attachment Work and Hakomi Therapy.

Jordan’s style is collaborative, warm, engaging and straight-forward. He has a track record of remarkable success! As you work in partnership, you’ll receive proven mind-body techniques to incorporate into your day-to-day life designed to bring about deep healing and significant changes. Jordan’s ready to welcome you as you are. It’s time to grow and change your life.


Azita Ghanizada


I’m always looking for ways to help my patients more and learning from Jordan has catapulted me into another level of providing care. His training in somatic mind-body therapy has been profoundly impactful not only for my practice but for my personal growth as well. - Dr Kelly Bender, ND

Gerald Colbert


Jordan is truly a remarkable therapist. His deep emotional intelligence is matched by his extensive practical skill base. He embodies the best of what therapy can be-- heartfelt commitment to his client’s well-being with the capacity to bring clarity, healing and wisdom to even the most complex of cases. I’m grateful for his counsel-- to learn and grow from one of the most brilliant therapeutic minds I’ve encountered. - Meredith E., Psychotherapist

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