Founder and Principal Therapist of
Mind-Body Healing Center.

I started Mind-Body Healing Center in 2014 after being in solo practice for 15 years. I realized something was missing from my life… the ability to truly follow my life’s mission… and to affect AND change lives in more profound ways. I longed for the opportunity to create something bigger than myself and help people in different situations as I now do with Mind-Body Healing Center.
My unique Somatic therapy trainings, courses and counseling help you get back on track… to rekindle your passion for improving your practice, your business and your life.

Born in California, I received my Master’s in Counseling from California Institute of Integral
Studies (CIIS) and I’m licensed in Marriage & Family Therapy in California.

I've extensive training and experience in:

I spent over 15 years fine-tuning and artfully integrating Psychotherapy with proven mind-body-spirit Somatic Therapy techniques so I can positively affect lives just like yours.

Together, you and I will work to improve the quality of your professional and personal life by gaining insight into the deeper issues holding you back.

And, with your deeper issues addressed, you’ll be able to better support your clients/patients… your professional work team…your life partner and even yourself!

My style is collaborative, warm, engaging and straight-forward and I’ve a track record of remarkable success. As we work in partnership, you’ll learn proven mind-body techniques to incorporate into your day-to-day life designed to bring about significant changes.

My specialties are aimed at revitalizing practices of Healers, Trainers, Coaches and other Clinicians along with their clients/patients… the Practitioners themselves AND business owners striving to take their companies to the next level of growth

And, not to be forgotten are individuals needing 1:1 productive therapy work… those ready to address deeper issues, heal and transform their lives. Plus, couples looking for ways to develop a more comprehensive way to identify negative patterns within their relationships and begin moving away from toxic behaviors.

I look forward to helping you redefine and reinvent your practice, business and life with my step-by-step personal guidance.


“Working with Jordan absolutely changed my life. I came to him when I felt like I didn’t have the tools to process what I was going through, even though I already had many. In each and every session, I learned multiple new tools that I still use regularly. Everything we did was memorable, effective, and helped me navigate some extremely challenging emotional experiences. Jordan’s presence, energy, skill, intuition, and care for his clients is unmatched. I will be forever grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with Jordan. Do not hesitate to learn from this fantastic teacher and guide!”

Amanda Bucci


"Jordan’s sessions are a constant, gentle reminder for me to come back to my body for answers. He is a specialist at targeting blind spots and time and time again, he gracefully rearranges my vantage point so I can clearly see and approach them effectively. He operates with precision, honesty, and kindness."

Travis Van Winkle