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Mind-Body Healing Center in Santa Monica, California

Jordan Marks, Principal Therapist

A therapist who is integrating new theory into traditional mental health

Jordan Marks, principal therapist at Mind-Body Healing Center, has a Masters degree in counseling (MA) and is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). He has extensive training in somatic psychotherapyintegrative mental health, attachment work (AEDP), Hakomimind-body medicine, couples counseling and child development.  Further, Jordan is certified in Ondamed Biofeedback treatment.

In addition to his training as a psychotherapist, Jordan is a certified school counselor (PPSC) and has worked in varying school environments with students of all ages. He has experience with special education needs, parent-child interactions, career counseling, school placement and other school related issues. Jordan was also a chess coach for 6 years for the San Francisco Unified School District.

Jordan says, “When you’re with me, you may not feel like I’m utilizing techniques, because first and foremost, I’m in a relationship with you. I don’t hold out. I express my opinions and my thoughts. I let myself be transparent. I want to be in a relationship with you because I consider our work together as not only a relationship, but a microcosm for how you are in relationships outside of your treatment.”

Jordan is a California-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC #50595)

Jordan Marks, MA, PPSC, MFT

Marcelle Little, AMFT, MA, MPH, Mind-Body Psychotherapist

Marcelle Little holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (MA) from Pacifica Graduate Institute and is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (AMFT). Additionally, she received her MPH and MA from UCLA, specializing in Community Health Sciences and International Development in Africa.  Trained in depth psychology, psychodynamic psychology and mindfulness.  Marcelle is also certified as a Yoga Teacher (two 200-ERYT), HeartMath Coach, Aromatherapist, Hypnotherapist, and Harmonyum Healing Practitioner. Marcelle is an Executive Coach for Torch Leadership Labs, a leadership coaching startup for organizations. Marcelle is a Post-Masters MFT Fellow for Kaiser Permanente, specializing in Addiction Medicine & Recovery Services (AMRS), counseling both adults and adolescents one-on-one and in group settings.

Marcelle encourages self-reflection and candid communication with a humanistic approach towards relationships. She has traveled to and lived in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and the U.K. and attended an 11-day Vipassana silent retreat in Colombia. It is her love for varying cultures and ancient meditation practices that has enriched her life and assisted her to understand the human psyche and our longing for interconnectedness.

Marcelle says, “Welcoming all that arises is an important philosophy in yoga that I promote so that my clients can access a deeper sense of inner acceptance and well-being for them to thrive.”

Marcelle is a California-Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist AMFT113172

Marcelle Little, AMFT, MA, MPH

Ashley Salomon, MD, Medical Consultant & Ondamed Practioner

Dr. Ashley Salomon is a licensed medical doctor, board-certified in family medicine, and a board member of the Academy of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She also holds a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University. Further, Dr. Salomon completed the prestigious specialty fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona, and is certified in Ondamed Biofeedback treatment.

In her medical practice, Dr. Salomon takes a natural and holistic approach to healthcare and wellness finding the deeper causes of why people are not at the level of health that they should be, or at least why they aren’t feeling as vital as they could.  She combines her knowledge of Western Medicine, European Biological Medicine, Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Botanical and Supplemental Medicine, Meditation, Mental Health and Mind-Body Medicine to treat each patient uniquely in order to intervene and help heal that individual.  Given her background in science and engineering, coupled with her experience in Meditation and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Salomon approaches each patient discerningly, looking at all the evidence that has led to the current symptoms in order to find a root cause of the illness.

Dr. Salomon’s practice treats both families and individuals with whom she works closely to bring them back to optimum health. She’s quite proud of the deep relationships she builds with her patients.  Their work includes ensuring that mind-body aspects of health and any traumas are being managed with psychotherapy and other techniques, while also working on lifestyle habits, especially around sleep, stress and nutrition.

Any digestive imbalances and food sensitivities are worked on, as more than half our immune system and a large part of our nervous system resides there.  Further, Dr. Salomon works with people on issues from allergies/sinus complaints and digestive health to chronic infections, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disorders, low vitality and low mood.  These conditions are often seen as specialties in medicine, but by utilizing both functional and holistic medicine together to treat her patients, Dr. Salomon bridges the divide for thorough and well-rounded treatment.  Further, she utilizes the Ondamed Biofeedback method to help with a variety of conditions and help return the body to its former state of wellness.

Dr. Salomon is very proud of the work she does on the psychological level as well, sharing treatment with mind-body specialists and psychotherapists at the Mind-Body Healing Center as she believes that so much of our health begins with gaining self-clarity, self-awareness and self-care.

In addition to seeing patients at the Mind-Body Healing Center, Dr. Salomon also has a house-call practice.

Ashley Salomon, MD

Padric Payton, Creative Empowerment Advisor

Padric Payton is a Creative Empowerment Advisor who blends narrative coaching, poetry therapy, and mind-body practices to inspire his clients into more meaningful, courageous, and creative lives. Padric holds a B.A. in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley and has over 15 years experience as an educator, mentor, and artistic collaborator. His primary field of interest is the capacity of imaginative thinking to liberate individuals to experience and comminucate their emotions more powerfully.

In addition to his experience as a teacher, poet, and songwriter, Padric’s work draws on his studies in the fields of positive psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, narrative coaching, and rhetoric. He also has extensive experience using mindfulness, somatic experiencing, and CBT (cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to relieve chronic physical and mental/emotional pain. Above all, Padric brings deep empathy and compassion for his fellow human beings into his practice.

Padric says, “At our best and most pure we are music, but the world requires us to be numbers and words – statistics and stories to situate and define us, to make order from the wild and beautiful chaos of our natures. To live poetically is an act of constructive rebellion against the rules and right angles of culture, a decision to be a part of society but not let its often flat language constrict our true essence. We can choose to live at the frontier of our selves, courageous enough to feel fully and to express fully. We can be like poetry, halfway between language and music, bridging the gap between logic and imagination.”

You can read more about Padric’s unique work at www.padricpayton.com/worktogether.  And, you can reach him directly at Padric@mindbody.la.

Padric Payton

Courtnay Meletta, MA, Mind-Body Psychotherapist and Coach

Courtnay Meletta holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Psychotherapy, and a license as a Clinical Psychotherapist, with certifications as a Core Energetics Body-Centered Practitioner, Yoga Teacher (500-ERYT), NeuroLeadership Coach, and in 2019 completes her Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, with an emphasis in Integrative Mental Health.  Courtnay is also a Teaching Fellow at Saybrook University, co-creator of Ph.D. level course curriculum in Body-Oriented Psychotherapies and leads groups of graduate students through an experiential Mind-Body-Spirit Seminar twice annually as a part of their core graduate curriculum.

A recent transplant to Los Angeles via the East Coast she offers a unique therapeutic experience for her clients blending her passion for body-therapy, yoga psychology, neuroscience, and the field of transformational coaching. She works to compassionately narrow in on the very thing that is blocking you from having the life you desire, provide the space and love to heal around your deep wounds creating that block, and offers cutting-edge coaching strategies to develop your insights that are the foundation for new habits. Through her deeply intuitive insights, Courtnay offers an experience that cultivates a profoundly sustainable internal shift for her clients.

Courtnay is currently undergoing the psychotherapy licensure process in the state of California.

For more details on her offerings or to schedule an appointment Courtnay can be reached directly at courtnay@mindbody.la or at 310-800-2406.

She also offers the following programs:

– High-Intensity Coaching, a customizable 3-12 month coaching program designed to progress your personalized transformation and goal achievement. A commitment to this program will usher you towards tangible life changes that reflect your heart’s deepest longings and desires. A consultation with Courtnay will determine your alignment and motivation necessary for sustainable change. This work can be done in-person or remotely.

– Marathon Breakthrough Sessions, A new trend in healing has been developed by Courtnay for those who feel blocked or unable to breakthrough a particular issue.  If you are frustrated over your lack of time to pursue personal growth and development, this “mini-retreat” is designed for those seeking change now.  Courtnay works with individuals and couples in a 3-4 hour deep-dive transformational session, guaranteed to provide insight and breakthroughs necessary for imminent change.

– Women’s Group, Monday evenings at 7:30pm, offers women a place to explore topics embracing life as an independent woman. Courtnay will guide you on how to use your body, breath, energy, and intention to radiate love and intimacy at a deeper level… transforming you into a more conscious, creative and confident version of yourself. This group will include movement, is designed for women who are open to spiritual practices and are ready to evolve.

– Virtual Group Coaching, Courtnay offers an online group coaching program to support your healing and achievement of life goals. Groups meet 3 times a month, Thursdays 5pm PDT/8pm EDT.

Courtnay Meletta, MA


We bring varied techniques to heal your mind, body and spirit



With mind-body healing, you’ll find that you gain new insights into your relationships and the impact you have on others. Clarity results from a better understanding of how you interact with your world.

Physical Well-being

Physical Well-being

When you begin to apply mind-body medicine, you’ll better understand your body’s responses to external stimuli, and you become more capable and more efficient at relaxing your body, no matter what’s happening on the outside.

focus & attention

focus & attention

Focusing is choosing what and whom you want to hear in the moment. By redirecting your attention away from distractions, you can focus on what it is that your heart wants, or your belly wants, or what your instincts are saying.



Mindfulness is the ability to filter overstimulation into action. And it usually just takes an extra two to five seconds for each person to be mindful. It’s just one deep breath, one extra moment to decide with clarity what it is that you want to do next.

can this change my Life?

can this change my Life?

Just as when you go to the gym for six months, every other day, you’re going to get stronger, Mind-Body therapies are a gym for your mind. If you’re willing to put in the work, in three to six months you’ll see the benefits.

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