Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common hypnotherapy issues?

You may come in because you want to lessen symptoms of fear or anxiety, or you want to smoke less. You have problems with self-control or uncontrollable cravings. You have attention deficit issues or are distractible. You want to reduce symptoms of chronic pain. Hypnotherapy can alleviate most of these symptoms.

Integration with other aspects of health

My license doesn’t allow me to talk about diet, but I talk about diet. I take the whole person into account in my work. I have free range to ask about anything.

What do mind-healing workshops cover?

I will do a 30 minute talk each week on the benefits of a therapy and the history of it, why it’s important and how to apply it, and then teach participants a little bit of it. I also assign “homework” assignments for study. The group becomes a supportive, healing group by practicing on each other.

What if you don’t work with my issues?

I refer to others in my medical network for needs outside of the Center. The network includes acupuncturists, dietitians and holistic doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, osteopaths, other therapists, couples counselors, family therapists. neuropsychologists, psychiatrists. But all specialties in my network function like me; I have vetted each person that I refer you to  personally.