Stress Thermometer

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Watch your temperature plummet 10 degrees colder by just thinking about your bossy mother. Be amazed as it surges 6 degrees warmer when you talk about your great vacation in Bali. Marvel as your temperature rockets up 22 degrees hotter when you deeply relax. Great fun to test friends and co-workers. Therapists use it in counseling. Hypnotherapists monitor patient’s reaction. Excellent teaching tool, research data collection, wellness demonstration, therapy monitor, massage relaxation. Lower blood pressure, release headaches, sleep deeply. Tape sensor to finger tip or gently hold between 2 fingers. Warm is Relaxed, Cold is Tense. How It Works The Stress ThermometerTM will let you see changes in hand/foot temperature that are a reflection of blood flow – a measure of the stress response. The basic rule for interpreting temperature change is simple, “Warm hands/feet are Relaxed, Cold hands/feet are Tense When the body’s fight/ flight system is activated the muscles tense, heart rate and the vital organs speed up and as a result, blood flow is shunted from the extremities and directed to the vital organs to facilitate the increased level of arousal. As a result, changes of 5°, 10°or 15° can occur within just a few minutes. The amount of temperature change depends on the stressor or problem and how you react to stress. How You Use It – Simply hold the sensor between 2 fingers or tape it to your finger print. Product Specifications – LCD display, 3/4” high. Displays temperature to the nearest 0.1. Thermistor wire length – 10 ft. Monitors both body temperature and room temperature. Easy to use IN/OUT Switch. Temperature reading updates every 2 seconds •Displays Fahrenheit or Celsius Temp You Get – Stress Thermometer, One Sheet Instructions and Operation, Battery each unit

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