Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine

What is Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind-Body Medicine is based on the scientific understanding of the acutely intertwined relationship between our thoughts, sensations and feelings… and our mind, body and spirit.  And, of our relationship between ourselves and the social and natural world in which we live.  Mind-Body Medicine directly addresses the causes and symptoms of psychological trauma, stress, depression, sadness, discontent, and burnout.

The Mind-Body Healing Center combines a traditional medical approach with the multi-disciplinary techniques of Mind-Body Medicine such as meditation, biofeedback, guided imagery, and self-expression in drawings, words, and pictures that are scientifically proven to reduce stress and restore physical and psychological health. The Mind-Body approach heals individual trauma and restores emotional well-being.

The Mind-Body Medicine Approach

Mind-Body Medicine’s wellness approach is grounded on practical research-based skills for self-care, self-awareness and group support. Here at the Mind-Body Healing Center, we combine psychotherapy with body awareness training to treat mental health issues, relieve stress and transform trauma. By emphasizing focus, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness techniques, we empower YOU to create lasting change to improve and control your life, relationships and future.

Together, we’ll explore how your mind processes your life… how to sync your mind and body so they’re moving as one… and how to integrate them so you’re more resilient, empowered, healed… and living a better, happier, healthier and more productive life.  The life you deserve.



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