What is Biofeedback?

How does biofeedback work?

Biofeedback is the process of measuring your body’s responses to mental and emotional stimuli. So essentially, if you are really nervous, your breathing would probably be short, and you can see in a biofeedback machine that the temperature in your fingers are probably colder. So, utilizing awareness of your body can influence the ease in your mind.

A biofeedback device and it’s sensors show you your body’s responses when you are thinking about a subject. When you think about something else, you can look and see if the response changes. That’s the feedback part, where you are looking at something graphical to tell you that you’re in a particular state. When you consciously try and change the graphical output, you also change your physical state.

What issues does biofeedback aid?

Biofeedback is especially valuable as a relaxation tool. When you have stress from triggered memories, interpersonal conflicts or uncomfortable situations, biofeedback can help you relax and regain your focus, which will allow you to better resolve the experience.

The Ondamed PEMF Biofeedback Machine

Mind-Body Healing Center uses the Ondamed PEMF Machine.  It is a Biofeedback machine utilizing wave frequencies that requires special certification.  Jordan Marks is certified in its use.



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