Child and Adolescent Therapy

Specialties include:

  • Communication Issues
  • Behavioral Disorders at school or home
  • Psychological Disorders
  • General conflicts accompanying stress
  • Chronic illness or medical conditions of self or loved one
  • Grief, Anxiety, Sadness, Depression
  • Self-Esteem and Body Image Issues
  • Life transitions
  • Family Therapy Sessions

Child and Adolescent Therapy

It’s A Different World For Our Children!

Never has your child been so “connected” yet so alone.  For better, for worse, they’re chained to their smart phones… looking for quick answers…  instant gratification… instant friends.   Texting has become a way of life leaving social skills to the wayside.

Emotional and psychological health isn’t taught in schools, rather the emphasis is on competition, success and perfection.  Instead of encouraging your child to grow through mistakes, and open up about their true feelings, they’re taught shame for not fitting in as expected… be it academic performance, appearance, interests, circle of friends, etc.  There’s tremendous outside influence and negative pressure to perform.

Previously, your child dealt with a handful of school bullies at best.  Now, with Cyber Bullying, you’ve the potential of hundreds slamming your child over the Internet instantly creating self-esteem issues, sadness, depression and destructive behaviors.

Is Your child Suffering From Behavior Issues Or Disorders?

Your child may be suffering and it comes out in negative behavior … with you, your partner, siblings, friends, teachers and persons of authority.  That inner critic will rear its ugly head in an assortment of behavior, anxiety, communication, and dysfunctional disorders.  A child’s perspective can be terribly self critical.  After all, all children are different and rather than feeling shame for their differences, it’s essential that they feel confident in knowing who they are.  A child has to be taught to stand up for and to themself.

The whole child-through-adolescent development stage is crucial… it makes or breaks your child.  And, that’s where Mind-Body Healing Center is here to help your child or adolescent become a healthy young adult!   We provide experiential therapeutic techniques to promote psychological healing, growth and transformation.  The Mind-Body Healing Center is expert at child and adolescent development.   Just contact us for more information on how we can help your loved one.



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