Mind-Body Men's Group

The tools and practices that you’ll learn in Mind-Body Healing Center’s Men’s Group can quickly and effectively promote greater productivity and self-esteem, increase your confidence and lower your stress and anxiety.  Thus, positively affecting your uniqueness and identity as a man.

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Mind-Body Healing Center’s Men’s Group

Men Supporting Men To Be Their Genuine Selves!

Why A Men’s Group?

Would you like to fully embody yourself and be the man you’re meant  to be?  Do you feel you have to hide your true self?  And, are you feeling  unfulfilled and it’s impacting your relationships?

Do you have issues knowing how to act in and react to situations testing you?  It may be you’re hiding the man that you’re meant to be.  Without proper self management or support from others, your identity as a man will eventually suffer.

Being A Man.

Our Mind-Body Healing Center’s Men’s Group is a supportive environment for men to hold each other accountable to become their true selves… the person you know that you’re capable of becoming.  Men are constantly being given different messages on how to be… in relationships, work and everyday life.  In some way, you’ve lost who you really are. Now is the time to find yourself again.

Our Mind-Body Men’s Group can help balance out your life.

Mind-Body Healing Center’s  Men’s Group is right for you if you’re ready for change, open to learning about yourself, and willing to tolerate discomfort in the path toward discovering your true nature.  Join our moderator, Jordan Marks, for this 8-week group.


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