8 Week Zoom Class

STARTING July 29th 5:00-6:30 pm (PST)
Building a healthy relationship requires the same dedication as building a healthy body. It takes consistency, willingness to connect deeper to self and exposure to new modalities that help you understand how you are currently showing up in relation to others.
If you are interested in the course,
Relationship Mastery comes when you continuously practice communicating your needs, listening to the needs of others, and find an exchange between you and the other person on how you want to grow together. As we grow individually, building communication paths and spaces to express your true desires and your dislikes becomes even more relevant in your relationships.

Jordan has created this 8 Week Class for individuals or couples looking to create a deeper connection and understanding of self in a relationship. If you are single, or have a partner, you are welcome to join this program. If you are navigating the next level of your relationship or a better match for your next one, you will want to attend this 8 week class.

The schedule for group class begins Monday, July 29th, and will be every Monday for 8 weeks.  

Mondays at 5pm via Zoom

July – 29
August – 5, 12, 19, 26
September – 2, 9, 16

Each week there will be a focused theme. I will be utilizing several different modalities, such as, Somatic Therapy – Movement – Orientation – Music – Breathwork – Poetry Music – Guided Meditation and Imagery – Experiential Learning – Emotional Release – Co-regulation and Communication to help identify where you may have an issue creating a deeper connection to self and others. 

In this group setting, we will be focused on identifying the issues you are facing in relationships, discover communication tactics to articulate your thoughts and feelings, enhance your emotional intelligence and approach to intimacy, with the goal of breaking free from unhealthy patterns and developing aligned partners going forward.  

Join weekly on Zoom —$800

Any questions? If so, please email Jordan directly at