Couples Therapy


Has your relationship reached an uncomfortable place? Does it feel broken? Are you questioning whether it can heal?

Well, You’re not alone.

Many couples reach stages in their relationship where they experience a lack of communication, dissimilar goals and disagreement of purpose. Worse yet, some feel as though they’re living separate lives.

Perhaps, you and your partner are:

Struggling to put together the broken pieces before doing more damage?

Longing to mend the cracks before they evolve into gigantic sinkholes?
Or maybe you’re simply looking for support and direction to introduce healthy practices to a new relationship?

Enter Mind-Body Healing Center’s unique Somatic Couples Therapy. You’ll learn to relate to each other and communicate in a more loving manner. Our mind-body-spirit couples therapy helps you and your partner learn to better negoatiate your dissimilarities and struggles.

You’ll regain those feelings of connection, belonging and deep caring!

Mind-Body Healing Center’s Couples Therapy is an invaluable resource for strengthening and repairing your relationship.

You can feel safe and let down your guard

Mind-Body Healing Center’s Founder and Principal Therapist, Jordan Marks, is a skilled couple’s therapist committed to working closely with you and your partner. His goal is to create a safe place… one of openness and unity.

As Jordan identifies your trigger points, you’ll finally learn language to communicate on a deeper level to help you both heal. With his guidance, you’ll gain more insight into the true nature of your relationship. Jordan will work with you and your partner to create a stronger, more intimate and fulfilling union… one that allows you both to evolve, grow and understand with greater awareness and trust.


"Jordan is a very special and truly gifted therapist–intuitive, interactive and incredibly well-versed in various mind-body work. The work I’ve done with him has truly changed my life for the better. Under Jordan’s care, I have learned to care for myself using a wide range of mind-body resources he has at his fingertips. My career has flourished, my anxiety has subsided, my relationships have gotten deeper and, most importantly, I learned to trust myself and my body. I am forever grateful to have him on my team.”



“Jordan’s sessions are a constant, gentle reminder for me to come back to my body for answers. He is a specialist at targeting blind spots and time and time again, he gracefully rearranges my vantage point so I can clearly see and approach them effectively. He operates with precision, honesty, and kindness.”

Travis Van Winkle


How much does one session cost?
Couples therapy at Mind-Body Healing Center is an investment of $400 for 75 minutes.

Are there payment plans available?

Is this offered virtually?
No, unless Jordan is out of town.

Is there a refund policy?
No. We do not offer refunds due to the scheduling blocks required for these therapy sessions.