Are you feeling dissatisfied with your life?

Sad and uncomfortable in your own skin?

Is there a disconnect between you and your loved ones…
partner, parents, siblings, children…
or even your closest friends?

Or… maybe… you just need support and direction for a better life?

We're here to help

Many people reach stages in their lives where they’re out of sorts or at a loss… and need support and understanding from an objective, non-judgmental professional. Someone to help you get a handle on “you”.

Enter Mind-Body Healing Center and our unique Somatic Therapy for Individuals. With our distinctive mind-body-spirit approach to individual 1:1 therapy, you’ll learn ways to:

  • Work through your negative patterns, bad habits and life struggles holding you back. 
  • Feel in control of your emotions and life’s path. 
  • Reconnect with your loved ones

You’ll regain those feelings of satisfaction, belonging and deep caring. You’ll gain insight into your weaknesses, strengths and capabilities. And, you’ll learn to accept who you truly are.

Shaileen W.

Sarah Abedi, MD


If you’re searching for meaningful, results-oriented
1:1 mind-body-spirit therapy,
you’re in the right place!

You CAN feel safe and let down your guard

Mind-Body Healing Center’s Founder and Principal Therapist, Jordan Marks, is a highly skilled Somatic Therapist committed to working closely with you. His goal is to create a safe place of openness, exploration and RESULTS. 

Jordan brings a collaborative, engaging and straightforward approach to Somatic Therapy. 

After fine-tuning his art for over 15 years, Jordan knows how to identify and TAKE ACTION with the deeper issues holding you back.

Through Jordan’s unique Somatic Therapy approach, you’ll learn simple yet powerful
experiential mind-body techniques to understand yourself better.


Thus, giving you more:


“ One of the primary keys for supporting this growth process is learning how your thoughts and feelings are intertwined… influencing each other in so many ways. As we work together, we’ll explore how you can resolve lifelong issues to become a more fulfilled and resilient person.”

– Jordan Marks

Umm, tell me more…
Working with Jordan, you’ll learn to identify how:
And, then:

You’ll learn to eliminate or accept
 overwhelming feelings negatively impacting
 all areas of your life

With Jordan’s guidance, you’ll gain more insight
into your true nature… helping you create a
stronger, more fulfilling life!


Promoting Lasting Change


“Working with Jordan absolutely changed my life. I came to him when I felt like I didn’t have the tools to process what I was going through, even though I already had many. In each and every session, I learned multiple new tools that I still use regularly. Everything we did was memorable, effective, and helped me navigate some extremely challenging emotional experiences. Jordan’s presence, energy, skill, intuition, and care for his clients is unmatched. I will be forever grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with Jordan. Do not hesitate to learn from this fantastic teacher and guide!”

Amanda Bucci


“I have been working with Jordan for a few months and have made so much more progress than I could have imagined. I have seen a few other therapists that usually check all the boxes and let me go on my way but Jordan saw past my defenses and doesn’t let me get away from the uncomfortable conversations. He has the ability to really see people and accept them. His broad range of techniques and tools go way beyond ‘talk therapy.”


Your Individual Therapy Includes:


Our potent 1:1 Individual Therapy is for anyone ready to commit to deep inner work for
a short 3-month period… instead of traditional long-term weekly therapy sessions.

Discover what patterns you’re repeating that are holding you back.
Unlock the mystery of your healing journey.
Identify deep work required within specific areas.

You’re accountable for doing the work!
Your 3-month “protocol” includes:

Month 1

Identifying various barriers holding you back through two in-person sessions per week with regular check-ins.

Month 2

Taking action using specialized breath work, mind/body exercises and journaling to promote a healthier mind, body and spirit. Attending two in-person sessions per week, again with regular check-ins. Participating in a special 6-hour session to deepen your work so you embody it for a lifetime.

Month 3

Attending two in-person sessions per week with regular check-ins. Integrating all you’ve learned from the past two months into your daily life… so you’ll sustain what you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

Currently, fall and winter 2022 individual
sessions are booked. We’re wait-listing for
January 2023.



How much does this 3-month individual therapy protocol cost?
Please inquire for cost.

Are there payment plans available?

Is this offered virtually?

Is there a refund policy?
No. We do not offer refunds due to the scheduling blocks required for these therapy sessions.