Shaileen W.

Miki Agrawal

Gerald C.

Azita G.

“Jordan has become an invaluable asset on my journey of personal growth.  His insight, compassion and sincerity make me feel seen and safe and have allowed me to dig in and do the tough inner work that has eluded me for so long. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking growth and healing.”



“As a songwriter and deep thinker, I can get stuck in my head. I find my greatest access to intuitive, sensual power is movement and dance. This program encourages me to go as wild and weird as I need. At the same time, I feel safe. It has helped me express myself with ease.”


Sarah Abedi, MD

Sheida + Daniel


“Jordan is truly a remarkable therapist. His deep emotional intelligence is matched by his extensive practical skill base. He embodies the best of what therapy can be - heartfelt commitment to his client’s well-being with the capacity to bring clarity, healing and wisdom to even the most complex of cases. I’m grateful for his counsel - to learn and grow from one of the most brilliant therapeutic minds I’ve encountered.”

Meredith E / Psychotherapist


"I'm always looking for ways to help my patients more and learning from Jordan has catapulted me into another level of providing care. His training in somatic mind-body therapy has been profoundly impactful not only for my practice but for my personal growth as well."

Dr Kelly Bender / ND.. Naturopathic Doctor


“Working with Jordan absolutely changed my life. I came to him when I felt like I didn’t have the tools to process what I was going through, even though I already had many. In each and every session, I learned multiple new tools that I still use regularly. Everything we did was memorable, effective, and helped me navigate some extremely challenging emotional experiences. Jordan’s presence, energy, skill, intuition, and care for his clients is unmatched. I will be forever grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with Jordan. Do not hesitate to learn from this fantastic teacher and guide!”

Amanda Bucci


"Jordan’s sessions are a constant, gentle reminder for me to come back to my body for answers. He is a specialist at targeting blind spots and time and time again, he gracefully rearranges my vantage point so I can clearly see and approach them effectively. He operates with precision, honesty, and kindness."

Travis Van Winkle

David Goldman, MFT


Lauren R.


“I have been working with Jordan for a few months and have made so much more progress than I could have imagined. I have seen a few other therapists that usually check all the boxes and let me go on my way but Jordan saw past my defenses and doesn’t let me get away from the uncomfortable conversations. He has the ability to really see people and accept them. His broad range of techniques and tools go way beyond ‘talk therapy.”



“I was a member of Jordan’s first Mind Body group and a recent private client. Both experiences were truly life changing. Jordan takes such care in getting to the root of a problem and then helping you find the best way to solve it and move forward. I cannot recommend his groups and private sessions enough. His teachings and techniques will stay with me forever, and I know I can always return to him for future guidance.”


Kane Phelps, MFT

“I started seeing Jordan over 5 years ago after an acute, traumatic loss. He guided me through recovery with compassion, but also pushed me to the edges of my comfort zone at times so that I could heal at a deeper level. Thanks to my work with Jordan, and to the meaningful healing he helped me access, I was able to take a risk that was scary but necessary for me: facing my fears of loss and standing up to run for office. It has been transformative, and I could not have taken this risk without Jordan‘s guidance and support. He has a true master of his craft, and is also humble, accessible, and compassionate.”
Cora Neumann
“When I first came to see Jordan, I was admittedly a bit unsure that therapy could do anything more for me. I had spent 20+ years working on my debilitating anxiety issues with a variety of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychopharmacologists, family counselors, and more — and while those experiences had surely helped me, I wasn’t sure that there was anywhere further for me to go in my own healing. I suppose I felt as though that was as good as it got, and I just wanted to make sure I had some sort of resource available to me in case things ever took a turn for the worse. Lucky for me, I was wrong. Working with Jordan has been unlike any other experience I’ve ever had. I’ve learned (and continue to learn) many things, some of which include: how to trust myself and embrace my own emotions as valid; how to identify negative thought patterns; and how to free myself from self-imposed constraints. What’s more, I believe I am a better wife, daughter, and friend because of Jordan, as I am better able to make room for others’ feelings, and to find new ways to communicate. These days, the future excites me… I look forward to seeing how I will continue to evolve, thanks to Jordan’s support.”