somatic business


You’ve already done the work. Your business is successful… but something’s wrong.

It’s slowly deteriorating into a disjointed workplace. Your employees are disagreeing more frequently. They’re feeling neglected, under-appreciated and burned out.

And, you’re not sure how to fix it!

Somatic Business
Consulting is an
innovative way to
revive and remotivate
your team

Mind-Body Healing Center’s unique Somatic Business Consulting helps you, your employees AND your company as a whole get back on track.

Our founder, Jordan Marks, personally conducts this unique business training utilizing various somatic mind-body tools, techniques and tips designed to fast-track the root cause of your and your employees’ issues. Thereby, allowing everyone to feel valued and connected… facilitating a return to efficiency, collaboration and positivity.

And, YOU increase your scalability and profitability with a newly dedicated and enthusiastic team!

What Makes Our Approach Stand Out?

There are so many therapists and business consultants… each with a different spin on helping you. Why Somatic therapy? Simple. It’s a 200-year-old established therapy that Jordan spent 15 years fine-tuning and artfully integrating with solid business practices. He has a track record of remarkable success!

Kane Phelps, Psychotherapist

Jordan’s dedication to each and every client helps bring your business to new levels of capability and achievements. When you and your employees work with him, you’ll receive tough love, encouragement, and solid tools to include in your day-to-day work lives… bringing incredible changes to your business. In just a couple short months, you’ll have the empowerment you need to get your company stable AND headed toward economic growth!

It’s said that the average employee spends over one-third of their life at work. Let Mind-Body Healing Center help bring back a pleasant, productive environment for all to thrive in while you grow your business to new heights.

Is Somatic Business Consulting right for you?

This Is ONLY Right For You If:

  • You know there’s a disconnect within your company but can’t see it clearly
  • You’re open to doing deep inner work to bring out the best in yourself and your team
  • Your business is ready for a quantum shift in potential and growth

This Is NOT A Good Fit If:

  • You do not have a business and team
  • You are not open to deep inner work
  • Your business and/or team is not ready for a dramatic transformation
“As a business owner, I fully understand how important your work, business, and success are to you…AND as a therapist, I see how vital the spirit of your team members and co-workers is to your business. Let’s bridge these gaps together!”

– Jordan Marks


How much does Somatic Business Consulting cost? 
There are a lot of factors that determine pricing such as industry, number of employees, etc. After you fill out an application, we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

Is there a required amount of time to work with you?
If your application is selected, we will be working on a 3-month protocol.

Are there payment plans available?

Is this offered virtually?
Not at this time.

Is there a refund policy?
No. We do not offer refunds due to the scheduling blocks required for these coaching sessions.