somatic Therapy


If you’re a practicing Therapist, Psychologist, Doctor,
Coach, Teacher or Other Clinician…

THIS Innovative Program Might
Be Perfect For YOU!

Do you have an active practice helping clients/patients…
but it just doesn’t feel the same as before.

Are you longing for a special  “something” to bring back
purpose to your work and strengthen your resolve.

And… do you look for ways to connect with your
clients/patients on deeper levels… to bring more meaning to
your life and to theirs.

Well, Look No Further… We Have Your Solution

Mind-Body Healing Center’s Somatic Therapy Training is a unique program of understanding, transformation, growth and revitalization… developed SPECIFICALLY for Therapists, Psychologists, Doctors, Coaches, Teachers and other Clinicians… using PROVEN mind-body somatic methods designed to help your clients, patients AND YOU get back on track with a deeper conviction.

Somatic Therapy Training is the most popular Mind-Body Healing Center service. It’s experiential, taking you through the process as a client/patient in only 8 weeks.

You’ll learn the methods of embodying Somatic Therapy for YOUR clients/patients rather than simply moving them through talk-therapy motions. You’ll experience the program from another perspective allowing you to best guide your clients/patients as well as benefit yourself.

Do You Have an Active Practice?


The main requirement for this training is you have your own active practice with clients/patients who can benefit NOW. In just 8 weeks, you’ll learn the methods for integrating Somatic Therapy into your daily sessions!

Somatic techniques are proven to be more helpful in moving your clients/patients through traumas, relationship issues and healing processes. You’ll use Somatic methods as an alternative add-on modality to traditional “talk-therapy.”

Somatic Therapy integrates body movements with thoughts… breaking down deeply-held communication obstacles… allowing trauma to heal. Giving back purpose to your clients, to your practice AND to your life!

How Is This Different
From Similar Trainings?

There isn’t anything like Mind-Body’s Somatic Therapy Training! Our founder, Jordan Marks MA, MFT, personally conducts this unique in-person training… utilizing various somatic mind-body techniques, tools and advice designed to fast-track the root cause of your AND your clients’/patients’ issues. Jordan brings a collaborative, engaging, warm, and straightforward approach to somatic therapy.

Somatic Therapy is a 200-year-old established modality. Jordan spent over 15 years fine-tuning and artfully integrating it with solid methods specifically geared toward helping you and your practice. He has a track record of remarkable success! And, Jordan looks forward to helping you revitalize your clinical activity with his step-by-step personal guidance.

“I wanted the opportunity to create something bigger than myself and help people in different situations… as I now do with Mind-Body Healing Center. My unique Somatic Therapy Training course helps you get back on track… to rekindle your passion for therapy, coaching and healing. And, you’ll be amazed at how your life is positively affected.”

Jordan Marks MA, MFT

“Let us help you transform your
practice, your clients/patients
and YOU in brand new ways!”

Join Mind-Body Healing Center's Next
Somatic Therapy Training…

This is intense, life-changing work.

If you’re ready for the change it will bring and the work required, please apply now!

I’m always looking for ways to help my patients more and learning from Jordan has catapulted me into another level of providing care. His training in somatic mind-body therapy has been profoundly impactful not only for my practice but for my personal growth as well.

-Dr Kelly Bender / ND.. Naturopathic Doctor


Jordan is truly a remarkable therapist. His deep emotional intelligence is matched by his extensive practical skill base. He embodies the best of what therapy can be-- heartfelt commitment to his client’s well-being with the capacity to bring clarity, healing and wisdom to even the most complex of cases. I’m grateful for his counsel-- to learn and grow from one of the most brilliant therapeutic minds I’ve encountered.

- Meredith E., / Psychotherapist

David Goldman, MFT

Is Somatic Therapy Training Right for You?

Therapist to Therapist, This Program Is NOT For Everyone.


If you are…

Then, this may not be the right time to join Mind-Body Healing Center’s Somatic Therapy Trainings.
Instead, send us an email and let’s see what’s the next move for you!


How much does Somatic Therapy Trainings cost?
If approved for the training, Somatic Therapy Trainings is a one-time investment of $1750.

Will everyone be accepted for the Training?
No. It’s not a beginner-friendly course. Each application will be vetted promptly to determine if this specialized training is right for you.

Is this training offered virtually?
While we have plans for future Somatic Therapy Trainings to be offered online, currently this training is only offered in-person.

Do I need to have clients?
Yes, for this training, it is required that you’re already working with your own clients in private practice.

Is there a refund policy?
Due to the nature of the scheduling blocks required for group trainings, we do not offer refunds.